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In the wet method, gaseous, odorous and contaminating particles are cleaned by the specially developed Cyclone cone rotation technology using a cleaning liquid.

In Section 1, the cleaning solution and impurities are first removed using a specially-invented guide wing that causes circulating contact.

Section 2 increases the rate of assimilation and the rate of contact to increase cleaning capacity by forcibly pouring the cleaning liquid into the container with debris that reduces torque and the cleaning solution.

Installation in several stages is possible depending on conditions

The fan is mounted on the back of the unit to maintain sound pressure in the unit, which reduces fan operating costs and minimizes the explosion of gas or membrane inside the fan due to airflow.

WMC dust collector design, structure

Benefits of WMC technology

WMC (Wet Multi Cyclone) is a device invented by GDM Eco Co., Ltd. after many years of research for the purification of gases and the removal of toxic substances in industrial plants, and the patenting process for the 3-stage purification technology is underway.

Rechargeable (for general use)


Dust Collector Cleaning Effectiveness

(Washing method)

middle part

(Liquid spray cleaning method)

Top part

(Wet multicyclone)

Work efficiency

Reduced efficiency and drift due to litter clogging (PallRing, Demister)

In the cyclonic method, there is no clogging with the ingress of gaseous substances.

Electricity consumption

27 kW (standard 300 cm)

27 kW (standard 300 cm)

Solution filling period


(PallRing, Demister

Periodic substitute)

10% (compared to battery)

(Replacement of demister)

Working method