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Wet complex odor removal technology

At the 13th International Exhibition for Environmental Equipment and Resource Recycling Industry, new technologies were showcased at Kintex, Ilsan from November 26 to 28. Among them, the technology presented by the global environmental company GDMECO stood out.

GDM Eco showcased its proprietary Wet Multi Cyclone (WMC) at this show. WMC is a wet cleaning dust collector that removes gases, particles and odors from complex equipment by rotating contact with a specially made cyclone cone along with a cleaning solution to collect dust and remove tough odors.

When contaminants such as gas enter the WMC, the circulating water rotates in contact with the cyclone cone for primary cleaning, and then the circulating water containing gas and impurities are forcibly discharged into the water tank for cleaning. And there are cleaning, dust collecting and deodorizing effects, based on the fact that the degree of water absorption is increased and the cleaning power is increased.

The advantage of WMC is that, unlike the existing wet dust collector, there is no need to replace the filling material, which is a consumable. The proprietary Cyclone Cone can be used as a filler as there is no clogging.

Existing fillers are contaminated with plastics and require recycling. However, Cyclone Cone is made from PLA (polylactic acid), a biodegradable plastic, and is biodegradable under certain conditions, and the decomposed material is harmless and environmentally friendly, which helps to reduce environmental pollution by minimizing the generation of secondary waste.

The person in charge of GDMECO said: “It is about 1.2 times more expensive than a conventional wet dust collector, but there is no cost of filling materials that need to be replaced twice a year, so the investment pays off 2 years after installation, which is cost-effective and efficient in the long term ”.

GDM Eco Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014 and exports environmental equipment to India and Indonesia as well as the domestic market.